Digestion Tank Infill | Luggie Glen, Scotland

A solution for the reclamation of land at a former sewage treatment works benefitedfrom the use of Leca® LWA which was used as backfill for disused cncrete sewage digestion tanks, during the scheme to reclaim the brownfield site and develop a new business park.

The one metre thick tank walls, which were mainly buried underground with just one metre protruding above, were broken back to approximately 500mm below existing ground level, prior to backfilling with a total volume of more than 2,000m³ of Leca® LWA.
The material was placed in layers of one metre in depth using a long reach
excavator, with each layer being tamped down using the mechanical bucket,
before the installation of the next layer.
After backfilling to the existing ground level, a geotextile waterproof membrane
was placed over the area, followed by a 250mm layer of imported topsoil. Each
area was then planted to blend in with the surrounding wooded area.

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