webercal DF

Product formerly named: formerly Decofine


Decorative render for internal & external application webercal DF is a pre-blended powder mix. The principal binder is Portland cement which performance is reinforced through the addition of powder polymers. A special selection of graded quartz sand and fillers contribute to unique workability properties while giving an exceptional aesthetic appeal to the product. It also contains additives to improve water retention and adhesion, thus minimising occurrence of cracks. A hydrophobic agent is also incorporated to improve waterproofing characteristics. webercal DF is suitable for both internal and external use over cement based substrates. When applied by trained applicators, the product provides various attractive natural € type finishes.


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To know before applying

  • Substrate must be clean, sound and free from greasy matters and dust. Remove all traces of paint, mould oil which may affect the adhesion.
  • Before the application the substrate must be sufficiently cured in a way that any shrinkage has already occurred.
  • webercal DF is applied using a stainless steel or plastic trowel in circular, horizontal or vertical motion. Alternatively, a soft sponge or other tools can be used to obtain different aspects.

For more information please refer to the technical data sheet of the product

Features and benefits

  • Stucco aspect
  • Thin and natural old type finishing
  • Weatherproof characteristics
  • easy application


  • If more thickness is required, it is recommended to apply the product in two layers. The first layer must be set before the application of the second one.
  • After application, protect the freshly applied mortar from direct sun shine and cure it twice a day for 3 consecutive days.
  • Moisten the substrate if it is dry at the time of application.

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