weberpas deco 355



Acrylic textured coating - sanded finish weberpas deco 355 is a ready to use high performance acrylic based wet render, sanded finish coating, made of acrylic dispersion for stabiliztion. It includes a special selection of graded quartz sand and fillers that contribute to a unique workability properties while giving an exceptional aesthetic appeal to the product. Special additives improve the product resistance to water and UV lights, thus suitable for external and internal applications.


Surface of application


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To know before applying

  • Mineral and masonry substrates e.g. cement plasters and cement renders must be completely dry, hard and free of shrinkage and movement
  • Remove mould oil from concrete surfaces
  • For renovation the substrate should be free of old plaster and any loose material and peeling paint
  • Manually apply weberpas deco 355 with a stainless steel trowel to a carefully controlled thickness not exceeding the aggregate size, maximum 2 mm and the texture is then achieved with a thin plastic trowel
  • Use only potable water for mixing and cleaning of tools

For more information please refer to the technical data sheet of the product

Features and benefits

  • Good workability properties
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • UV resistant
  • Water resistant


  • Joints should be pre-determined and can be constructed by carefully butt-joining the edges to achieve a seamless joint.
  • Clean potable water can be added to weberpas deco 355 to aid workability; max 0.5 liter per 20 kg bucket
  • For neutralization of the substrate apply weberpas PR 300 one day before the application of weberpas deco 355.
  • Application must be continuous; use the same tools and in one direction only.
  • Windows, window boards, floors must be masked to avoid damage during application

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