weberfloor 4830

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Weber Middle East

weberfloor 4830 is factory-manufactured, ready for use,solvent-free polymer adhesive. It is an elastic, solvent-free,single component Polymer adhesive for the installation of parquet.

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To know before applying

•The adhesive must be stirred before use and then applied and spread evenly with a toothed spatula.
•Adhesive cavities are to be avoided.
• B3 or B11 toothing in dependence on the parquet used Locations. The toothing to be used is specified by the parquet manufacturer.
• Between wall and parquet wedges at joints of about 10-15 mm must be used upon laying. The wedges must be removed immediately after laying.
• The wood flooring is lodged in the adhesive bed and full surface, to obtain a good wetting of the backsides of the coatings
• Only as much adhesive shall be applied as can be covered within the laying time.

For more information please refer to the technical data sheet of the product

Features and benefits

 Easy to apply
 No discoloration even in thin coatings
 Suitable for hotel luggage's carrier
 Excellent initial adhesion
 EMICODE EC1 PLUS: very low emission
 Excellent Tack and Bonding
 Excellent Adhesion and high Strength
 Water Resistant
 Non Toxic and Non Flammable


•It is essential to ensure good contact between the floor covering and the adhesive.
•Bonding over existing floor coverings should be avoided.
•Clean any excess of adhesive using water immediately.
•Do not allow the adhesive to dry, after complete dryness of the adhesive ridges, covering laying is no longer possible.
•Make sure to Avoid any holes after spreading the product.

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