weberfloor easy 625

Weber Middle East

High performance easy leveling, pumpable screed

Weberfloor easy 625 is an easy-leveling screed, with very low shrinkage and pumpability characteristics. The low shrinkage feature allows the applicator to apply weberfloor easy 625 at large areas without the need of control joints. Due to its flowable consistency, weberfloor easy 625 can be pumped without bleeding or without affecting its final performance with an application thickness varying from 20 to 60mm. It can reach 100 mm thickness when adjusting the level at punctual areas. Once applied, weberfloor easy 625 requires only to be covered with plastic sheet for two or three days. It is made of special cement, selected aggregates and additives which give the product its high performance in terms of low shrinkage, adhesion, strength, and segregation resistance. The mix design is readily mixed to produce a screeding-flowable consistency. It is easily applied and finished.

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