weber.floor hardex

Product formerly named: formerly Hardex
Epoxy sealer, hardener and dust-proofer
weber.floor hardex is a two-component epoxy system designed to penetrate and seal concrete surfaces. It improves the resistance of concrete to chemicals and daily abrasion, and reduces its absorption of water and salts.

Surface of application


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To know before applying

  • Two components epoxy sealer
  • Applicable by roller or brush
  • Applicable for industries, parkings or warehouses
  • Consumption: 0.1 L/m2

For more information please refer to the technical data sheet of the product

Features and benefits

  • Two component penetrating epoxy sealer.
  • Reduction of water and salts' absorbtion of the substrate.
  • Improves the resistance of concrete to chemicals and daily abrasion.


  • Do not apply on damped surface
  • Do not mix with water
  • Do not apply on weak substrate

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