Lotus Cars | Track Test Facility

Versatile Leca® LWA is being used to improve safety at the UK test track of prestige sports car manufacturer Lotus.  In respons to upgraded safety requirements from the Health & Safety Executive and its insurers, Lotus Cars installed new'gravel traps' using some 600m³ of Leca® LWA in place of traditional heavy aggregates.

The lightweight material, which is approved for use at motor circuits by world governing body the FIA, was used for two spin-off areas at the company’s facility in Hethel, Norfolk which is also used for race experience training for members of the public.
It replaced existing 40mm heavy aggregate, which was proving too dense to stop wayward competition cars effectively. Drivers also faced the added risk of ‘rolling’ their cars in addition to causing damage to bodywork.
Proven in extensive testing in Sweden, Leca® LWA was assessed and found to be a more cost-effective solution than replacing the aggregate with river washed round gravel, one of few realistic alternatives.
Approved contractor Mackinnon Construction Ltd, of Cromer, Norfolk carried out installation of 10-20mm grade material.
The existing traditional aggregate was removed, and re-used elsewhere,
prior to the installation of drainage within the pit followed by placement
of the Leca® LWA.

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