weberpremix acoutherm


Light weight acoustic and thermal insulating plaster weberpremix acoutherm is a dry mortar made of special hemi-hydrated gypsum perlite binders and specific additives to enhance workability and adhesion. It has good thermal and acoustic insulating and fire resistance properties.

Surface of application


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To know before applying

  • For application over smooth and high absorbent concrete, it is recommended to prime the substrate with weberpremix 500 prime.
  • Cement based substrates should be dampened 3 hours before application. In hot weather, dampen masonry block substrate 10 minutes before application.
  • Once applied on the surface, the product must beleveled and smoothened out with a ruler and a steel trowel. To finish the surface, wait till the product begins to thicken and smoothen the surface with an american trowel.

For more information please refer to the technical data sheet of the product

Features and benefits

  • Lightweight plaster
  • Sound insulation
  • Thermal insulation


  • Not recommended for external use
  • weberpremix acoutherm should not be under any circumstance water cured

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