weberpremix SSP-100

Product formerly named: formerly premix.SSP-100


Fiber reinforced spraying mortar for insulated sandwich panel system weberpremix SSP-100 is a one-component, pre-packaged, cementitious mortar containing silica fume, fibers and other admixtures that give a high strength and shrinkage controlled plaster. weberpremix SSP-100 is specially designed to be sprayed on Insulated Sandwich Panel System (ISPS). This system consists of prefabricated panels of rigid foam insulation sandwiched between two parallel sheets of galvanized steel wire mesh that are assembled, and then sprayed with mortar like weberpremix SSP-100 on-site.


Surface of application


Available packaging

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Documentation and brochures

To know before applying


  • weberpremix SSP-100 should be applied using the wet-mix process
  • For thickness more than 50 mm, it is recommended to apply webrpremix SSP-100 in 2 layers. When the first coat is applied it must be directly roughened to increase bonding with the second coat
  • weberpremix SSP-100 can be smoothed with a steel trowel or kept rough using wooden or plastic trowel.

For more information please refer to the technical data sheet of the product

Features and benefits

  • Special high strength mix
  • shrinkage control


  • weberpremix SSP-100 must be used within one hour from mixing
  • Re-mixing with an extra amount of water is forbidden
  • Protect the surface with properly secured plastic sheeting 

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