webercol mosaic

Weber Middle East

Ultimate high performance mosaic tile adhesive

webercol mosaic is an ultimate high performance mosaic tile adhesive. webercol mosaic is designed to tile various types of mosaic tiles onto different substrates. 

webercol mosaic notably retains its outstanding bonding capabilities evidently quick and will insure the durable bond-ing of the most difficult mosaic tiles (glass, resin, porcelain, etc.) even under severe conditions such as; being permanently submerged in water or exposed to the high temperatures of the outdoors Gulf’s region.

webercol mosaic has been tested under the most rigorous testing methods of different international standards. 

webercol mosaic well outperforms all the standard requirements of EN12004 and is classified as C2TE. webercol mosaic is non-sagging and slip resistant "T" with ability to perform in extended open time conditions "E". 

webercol mosaic is resistant to mold growth according to ASTM D 3273-16. webercol mosaic can be used as a tile grout due to it's resistance to wearing and resistance to chlorine.

Surface of application

External floor, Wall, Floor, Roof

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