weberdry 150 BLC

Product formerly named: formerly Waterproof.150 BLC


Fast setting cementitious plugging mortar weberdry 150 BLC is fast-setting hydraulic cement that instantly and durably stops slight or serious water leaks.
weberdry 150 BLC hardens in less than 1 minute and slightly increases in volume during setting.
It is supplied as a ready-to-mix dry powder. It does not contain any aggressive or harmful products. weberdry 150 BLC prevents corrosion, can be used underwater and resists very high pressure.


Surface of application


Available packaging

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20 kg 20 kg 20 kg 20 kg 20 kg 25 kg 20 kg 20 kg

Documentation and brochures

To know before applying

  • Chip away the location to be plugged, in order to obtain an opening with clean edges.
  • Remove soil and crumbly material. Mix small amounts of weberdry 150 BLC with some clean water.
  • The mixture obtained must be thick.
  • Large leaks must be stopped progressively.
  • Wearing a gloove is a must for hand application

For more information please refer to the technical data sheet of the product

Features and benefits

  • Fast setting plugging mortar
  • High pressure resistant


  • The plug needs to be cool, and must be kept moist for approximately 15 minutes
  • After applying, keep the surface cool and moist for 15 minutes

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