weber seal PS 2000 JF

Product formerly named: formerly Jointseal.PS 2000 JF


Two part cold applied elastomeric polysulphide jet fuel resistant joint sealant for concrete pavements weber seal PS 2000 JF is a self-leveling jet fuel resistant joint sealant based on liquid polysulphide polymer. When mixed and applied, it cures to form a tough, flexible tear-resistant rubber like seal with excellent adhesion to primed concrete, masonry, glass, aluminum and stainless steel substrates. 
weber seal PS 2000 JF is highly resilient and has excellent recovery characteristics of withstanding repeated extension, compression and cyclic movements without loss of adhesion and resists deterioration by weathering, sunlight, ozone, water, salt, oil and fuels.
weber seal PS 2000 JF is a pouring grade sealant used for sealing of horizontal joints.


Surface of application

Wall, Floor

Available packaging

Lebanon Syria Jordan KSA UAE Qatar Kuwait Oman
4 L 4 L 4 L 4 L 4 L 4 L 4 L 4 L


Documentation and brochures

To know before applying

  • All joints surface should be completely dry and free from all traces of dirt, dust, grease, loose particles, mold release agents and loose particles.
  • Remove dust by compressed air or paint brush. Wipe out oil and grease by solvent soaked cloth (such as xylene, toluene or acetone.) In all cases, a clean bonding surface must be obtained.
  • The sides of the prepared joint should be primed with appropriate primer.If application of weber seal 2000 PG is delayed for more than 8 hours after priming, joints should be re-primed.
  • Allow the primer to become touch dry, before proceeding with the application of weber seal PS 2000 JF

For more information please refer to the technical data sheet of the product

Features and benefits

  • Jet fuel resistant 
  • Forms a tough, flexible tear-resistant rubber
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Has excellent recovery characteristics
  • Weather durable in exposed fields


  • weber seal PS 2000 JF should not be used in direct contact with materials containing pitch or bitumen
  • Whenever excess porosity is encountered an additional coat of primer is recommended.


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