weberep 331 HCS

Weber Middle East

Non shrink high strength thixotropic repair mortar

weberep 331 HCS is a ready to use fiber-reinforced mortar. It is made of sand (reconstituted grain size range), special cement, fibres, and special additives that provide special properties: non-shrinking, thixotropic, very high strength, excellent bond to rough and damp surfaces, compactness; its closed porosity slows down carbonation. It has low permeability and is extremely durable. The formulation of weberep 331 HCS provides excellent strength, making it a high quality all purpose mortar for different applications including repair of high strength concrete.

Surface of application

Wall, Roof, Floor

25 kg, 50 kg25 kg, 50 kg25 kg, 50 kg25 kg, 50 kg25 kg, 50 kg25 kg, 50 kg25 kg, 50 kg25 kg, 50 kg