Insulation has become recently the most important feature that contributes to our comfort and our home's overall energy efficiency.

weber offers a range of high quality products to give a durable and decorated facade.

weber's external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) , insures thermal protection and decorative solutions.


Facade renders & thermal insulation

Monocouche render

Monocouche is a single coat cement-base through-colored render with superior aesthetic, protection, and durability features. Monocouche decorative renders are available in a variety of colors to suit the taste of owners and architects, and provide the necessary protection against rain and other weathering elements.

Decorative mineral render

The decorative renders are the most usual method of final treatment of facade surfaces.

Suitable substrates include any fine plastered surfaces, unplastered concrete, fiber-cement and other facade boards and fine troweled or smooth based coats of all kinds of contact facade thermal insulating systems.

The only exception is the scratched thick-coat render, which adheres sufficiently enough to rough wall substrates.

Polymeric decorative renders

Synthetic resin dispersion are now by far the most widely used thin coatings for walls and facades. The decofacade organic thin coat renders are available in granular, roll, and profile textures and have a limited elasticity.

On the other hand, silicate coating feature breathability, durability, low sensitivity to dust, good water repellency, and the ability to cover the micro-cracks on existing substrates. Silicate coatings can be applied directly into cement plaster and on ETICS to give a richer mineral aspect which is waterproof.


External insulation system

weber's external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) ensure thermal protection for your building without losing internal spaces by providing double solution of decoration and insulation with no thermal bridges. It is adapted to all types of architectural design providing possibilities of the model renders aspects, reducing energy consumption of buildings and CO2 emission.



Anti-carbonation has been formulated to confer long term protective and decorative properties to concrete and masonry surfaces. The coating acts as a barrier to the ingress of Chlorides and Carbon dioxide and other acid gases, but allows the passage of water vapor from the substrate. 

Facade Cladding

Facade cladding is one of the most prestigious and admired finishes to a building. Cladding with different tiles or stones is possible using a wide range of tile adhesive available and specified for external use. External facade cladding however may expose the tile adhesive and grouts to varying weathers and different climates. Therefore choosing the right tile adhesive and grout for your cladding is a very important matter. 

Why we need weber facade renders & ETICS ?

  1. Quality finishing and application are imperative for a successful facade
  2. It is of vital importance that your project is completed successfully and to the satisfaction of all concerned parties
  3. The application of facade renders and finishes requires skilled and experience applicators. The end product has an impact on the reputation of all stakeholders (specifier, supplier, contractor etc....)
  4. Improving energy efficiency and thermal insulation for buildings, meeting the regulations requirements.

weber has developed dedicated training centers to perform in house training in the application and theoretical of our facade solutions.

For whom ?

1. For the specifiers and consulting engineers

Power point and video presentations will be offered as follow :

  • render protected external wall insulation
  • Modern rendering using monocouche through colored render

This can be organised at your premises and at your convenience to benefit as many as of your colleague as possible.

2. For recommended applicators 

3 full days courses of practical training on monocouche techniques, spray application, and ETICS available at weber training center. These trainings are designed for application team .

3. A number of recommended applicators are nominated by weber for projects throughout the region. 

Technical Solutions

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