Waterproofing of exposed roofs

In order to apply the waterproofing of the exposed roof, the substrate should be clean and repaired. After correspondent steps have been respected, the waterproofing job can begin. Two system can be recommended:

Common issues and queries you can face

A- Waterproofing with bituminous sheet membranes

B- Waterproofing with polyurethane liquid membranes.

Step by step solution

weber solution

  1. When applying the Bituminous sheet membranes

    Biflex SL (SBS bituminous membrane) or Biplas SL (APP bituminous membrane) having their surface slated with mineral aggregates

  2. When applying the Polurethane liquid membranes

    Applying weberdry prime 310 PU and finishing with weberdry 350 PU specially designed for UV resistance