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Plastering mortars - Premixed mortars

Final finishing of the wall is the main concern of the client. External and internal walls required to be well leveled and finished in order to receive the final coat. Therefore, Weber offers plastering and mortar mounting block solutions with the best performance in terms of leveling, adhesion, resistance to climate conditions and finishing.

Once walls are plastered then they can be coated or tiled as per the project requirement.

Premixed mounting mortars

Premixed mounting mortars (7)

Premixed cement mortars for mounting blocks and bricks , and filling masonry voids.

Premixed rush coats

Premixed rush coats (5)

Ready mixed spatterdash slurry coat to improve plaster adhesion.

Premixed plasters

Premixed plasters (20)

Cement and Gypsum based ready mix plasters for different scope of application.

Premixed finishing putties

Premixed finishing putties (4)

Ready mixed putty for cement base substrate for resurfacing interior and exterior walls.

Plasters primers

Plasters primers (1)

Primer to prevent over rapid absorption of water into substrate.

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