Reinforced concrete jacketing

Common issues and queries you can face

increase bearing load

Concrete jacketing is needed to increase bearing load capacity following a modification of the structural design or to restore structural design integrity due to a failure in the structural member. This technique is used on vertical surfaces such as walls, columns and other combinations such as beam sides and bottoms.

Step by step solution

weber solution

- The initial concrete substrate should e repaired

- All cracks should be treated

- All weak, damaged and easily removable concrete should be chipped away

- Clean any corroded steel by abrasion or replace any damaged steel bars

  1. Installation of reinforcement

     We recommend the use of weberanc 405 BFX. It is applied as follows:

    • Drill hole to correct diameter and depth
    • Clean the drilled hole and remove all dust
    • Inject the weberanc 405 BFX
    • Install the rebar


  2. Formwork placement

    Formwork is best attached directly to the concrete surface with expansion anchors or standard form ties. Shoring or scaffolding can be used to support the formwork.

  3. Pumping application

    The placement of material into the formed cavity depends on the geometries. Vertical surfaces start at the lowest point. We recommend the use of webertec MC1. It is a pumpable, self-compacting micro concrete.

  4. Curing ad protection

    Curing is recommended immediately after removal of framework.