Water Tank Treatment

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Water tanks

This case/solution is valid for drinking and non-drinking water tanks either with new or old concrete. In both cases, a waterproofing system needs to be applied to protect the concrete and prevent ant leakage of the contained liquid.

Step by step solution

weber solution

  1. The cement base products are ideal for this application especially for drinking-water tanks and in case of positive or negative pressures; the following steps are to be considered:



    Remove dust, oil and any remainders by using grinders and fresh water only; all substrate must be sound and clean.



    All joints between vertical walls and ground must be treated by creating a groove of 2 cm deep and 2 cm wide and reconstituted on the 90° corner an angle curve form in an appropriate thickness with a non-shrink thixotropic mortar like weberep 331 TX, at least 3 days before the application of weberdry 110FX. In case it is impossible to have a curve form, open a groove of 2x2cm or 3x3 cm, clean it and damp it with fresh water then fill it with weberdry 150 BLC



    In some newly built water tanks, honeycombing may be found occurred by concrete pouring or pumping. Honeycombing areas must be cleaned by removing all damaged concrete and existing laitance and the damp the concerned areas with water and use weberep 350 NSG for filling the cracks.



    In the case of big holes or damaged concrete in old or new water tanks, all damaged areas must be chiseled, cleaned and damped with fresh water. weberep 331 TX is to be applied in one or two layers depending on the depth of holes.



    Mostly in newly built water tanks, holes will appear caused by molding or else; such holes must be clean and damped. Use weberdry 150 BLC - the plugging mortar and keep it moist for a period of 15 min. if any cracks are present, they can be treated the same way.

  2. Product solution


    After assuring that all the above steps have been maintained, the water tank is ready to receive the final product in the cement waterproofing system, weberdry 110 FX - the flexible high-performance product is to be used in 3 layers:

    • 1st layer with sufficient thickness 1kg/m²:
      - Use a brush or a roller
      - Fix 20 cm width of fiber mesh on all corners, joints, and cracks while the waterproofing layer is still wet.
    • When dry, apply the 2nd and 3rd layer in proportions of 0.5-1 kg/m²