Tiling and grouting in industries/heavy duty sites

Common issues and queries you can face

Special industries

Sometimes, certain areas require material with special characteristics and high chemical resistance. Areas such as food and beverage industries, chemical industries, car showrooms...etc consider different several safety factors and follow strict specifications.

Chemical resistant grouts

When tiling in such industries, the tiles are often exposed to different chemical and mechanical environments and a special chemically resistant and mechanically tough grout is needed.

Heavy duty application

Epoxy grouts are extensively used in heavy-duty applications that are designed to protect against severe chemical attacks, abrasion and high-pressure cleaning.

Step by step solution

weber solution

  1. Substrate preparation

    Ensure that the joints are clean, free from residual or excess material. Grouting should be done once the tile adhesive is completely cured. Dust will cause the epoxy bond to fail.

  2. Tile adhesive

    webercol epo plus should be properly mixed using an electric mixer with low rotation speed (<300 rpm) to obtain a homogenous mixture free of lumps. 

    Part B (Hardener) is to be added to part A (Resin). Mix part A and part B for 1 minute to ensure the proper chemical reaction. 

    Gradually add part C (Filler) to the premixed parts A and B and continue mixing for 2 minutes until all the aggregates are completely wetted by the epoxy. 

    webercol epo plus can be used to tile on metal as well (consult TDS for details)

  3. Tile grouting

    Remove Part B (Hardener) from inside the part A (Resin + filler) pail and pour it into the part A. Mix well with a suitable electrical mixer at low speed (around 2 minutes) to ensure the proper chemical reaction until a smooth paste is obtained. 

    Do not mix part A separately. Do not add water to the mixture. weberepox easy should be applied directly into the joints. By using a rubber trowel or scrapper fill the empty joints diagonally at a 45-degree angle to ensure the joints are well filled. Remove excess grout with a grout float. Smooth the joints by using a wet sponge, then clean the tiles immediately. Before the product dries, clean excess grout using a wet sponge. Weberepox easy can be applied for joints width from 2 to 10mm. 




    Important note

    • Food should not be in direct contact with the epoxy-based material. 

    • Special installations where a tile needs to be bonded on surfaces as metal, it is recommended to use webercol epo 

    • When deterioration can be caused by chemical erosion, extreme temperatures, and even bacterial attack, it is recommended to use webercol epo and weberepox easy for a durable solution.