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Two-component high performance epoxy tile grout and adhesive

weberepox easy is a 100% reactive, 2-component epoxy tile grout and tile adhesive with very easy water cleanable properties exceeding the requirement of the standard ANSI 118.3, excellent chemical resistance, high strength and easy application.

weberepox easy is designed for numerous application needs. In addition to its waterproofing and excellent workability properties, it is especially blended to produce non-sag and stain resistant properties when used as tile grout, non-slip property when used as tile adhesive and high compressive strength. Due to its special additives, the product maintains a good workability even after 1 hour at 40 deg C.

weberepox easy is particularly recommended for tile grouting in medium and heavy duty, hygienic and corrosive environment. It is available in a wide range of attractive colors (consult our Tile grouts color chart).

Surface of application

Floor, Roof, Wall, External floor

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