Application of tile grouts

Common issues and queries you can face

Joints' importance

Joints are a very important element because of their technical properties such as stress absorption that originates from the tiles and the substrate. 

There are several types of vertical and horizontal joints , such as movement joints or construction joints etc.

Corner joints

Vertical and horizontal corner joints should be filled with an elastic sealant to absorb the stresses that can occur.

Horizontal joints connecting walls or door frames should be cleaned from residuals or any cured materials before any application.

Aesthetical problems

Aesthetical problems like cracks, stains, or variations in colors will occur if the grout product is not properly mixed, well prepared and well applied. 

Consistency of the grout is extremely important. If it is too wet and mixed with excess water, there is a good chance that the grout might fail over time. 

Polishing the tiles by a grinding machine may also affect the tile grout.

If the joints are not well filled with grout some tiles may be left without any grouts between them causing a small gap like hole will to appear in the joint.  

After polishing, it is very important to check if the grout is still sound and has enough thickness to play its role.


Before the grouting application, the tile adhesive should be fully cured and hard enough. 

Joints should be sound and free from excess tile adhesive that could potentially lead to poor joints resistance and non-homogeneous color of the joints.