Fast and perfect tile fixing with time constraints

Constraints on job sites frequently involve putting the site back in service quickly, especially in public areas like restaurants, airports, hospitals, etc… and also in commercial (shops, supermarkets) and residential buildings (corridors, living-rooms, etc…). The longer the works, the more it costs and disturbs the inhabitants and customers. Some fast solutions exist to reduce the time taken to fix and grout the tiles.

Common issues and queries you can face

Timing constraints

• Corridors, stairs, halls… need to be back in service rapidly, in order not to slow the works progress. 

• For small rooms: bathrooms, toilets,... the possibility to perform tile fixing and grouting on the same day allows to optimize the works organization and reuse of the facility. 

•  In renovations such as inhabited houses, rapid works is a must.

• The renovation of public places like shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, airports, etc… each hour of unavailability due to works causes losses in sales.

Classic solutions constraints

• Eliminate the old coating, break existing tiles: these works are always hard to perform and costly. 

• Sometimes it requires to renovate (or even re-do) the whole substrate instead of doing only some small patching works. 

• Furthermore, all these heavy works require a certain curing and waiting time before beginning the tiling works. 

• Finally, the use of fast-setting tile adhesives can help to do the job faster than with other adhesives.

Weber solution

  1. Substrate preparation

    • Check cohesion of the substrate and eliminate all parts that are not well bonded. 

    • With a high-pressure jet, eliminate dust and loose parts. 

    • Eliminate all traces of oil and cleaning products as well, rinse and let it dry. 

    • In case the substrate needs to be patched, apply a suitable repair mortar such as a thixotropic repair mortar weberep 331 TX 

    (until 50mm thickness in one coat).

  2. Method of application

    Tile adhesive 

    Use a fast-setting tile adhesive that will set rapidly and perform the grouting job only 3 hours after tiling! (the usual waiting time between tiling and grouting is minimum 24 hours). 

    • For tiles over 900 cm² surface (30x30cm), apply tile adhesive on both the substrate and the back of the tiles. 

    Press well the tiles to ensure full adhesion of the tiles with the substrate.

  3. Tile grouting 

    • Wait 3 hours after the tiles were laid on the substrate. 

     We recommend weberepox easy or weberjoint perfect, a high-performance grout with Hydro Repell® and Mould Stop® technologies, at a width between 1.5 and 20mm.



    Important Note

    The faster problems are noticed, the easier it will be to replace or fix a misplaced tile, since after 24 hours tiles cannot be easily removed as the adhesive would have started to harden. .

  4. S = Old substrate, existing tiles or coating 

    1 = Fast-setting tile adhesive webercol fast or webercol F1 

    2 = New tiles 

    3 = Tile grout weberjoint perfect

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