Expansion and construction joints (PU & PS joint sealants)

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Sealants for joint width smaller than 30mm

weber jointseal PU is a reliable low modulus polyurethane joint sealant, allowing a high degree of elongation after stretching. It recovers its performance and it is resistant to climatic aging, rain, salt haze, ozone, ultra-violet rays, and atmospheric corrosion.

Sealants for joint width greater than 30mm

weber seal PS 1000 GG/PG is a two-part polysulphide high-grade synthetic rubber sealant processing outstanding resistance. It is specially used in areas subject to heavy traffic where abrasion resistant, flexible sealant is required.weber seal PS 1000 GG/PG two-part polysulphide can be supplied in pouring grade (PG)or gun grade (GG) for sealing horizontal and vertical joints.

weber solution

For product applications and depending on the joint width please refer to the PDF version.