weber seal PS 1000 GG/PG

Product formerly named: formerly Jointseal.PS 1000 GG/PG


Two-component polysulphide joint sealant weber seal PS 1000 GG/PG is a two part polysulphide high grade sealant rubber like, with an outstanding resistance to deterioration due to weathering, ozone, ultra-violet exposure and chemical attack. It has the ability to withstand repeated cycles of compression and expansion over a wide temperature range, and has excellent adhesion properties to all materials commonly used in building and construction work.
weber seal PS 1000 GG/PG two part Polysulphide can be supplied in pouring and gun grade for sealing horizontal and vertical joints where structures are subject to high rapid movements is expected and where the performance specification is highly rigorous.It has an excellent stain resistance and is non-toxic once cured.


Surface of application

Wall, Floor

Available packaging

Lebanon Syria Jordan KSA UAE Qatar Kuwait Oman
4 L 4 L 4 L 4 L 4 L 4 L 4 L 4 L

Documentation and brochures

To know before applying

  • All surfaces have to be clean, thoroughly dry and free of oil with no loose particules remaining
  • Where required, masking tape and bond breaker should be applied before priming.
  • weber seal PS 1000 GG/PG should be applied within 2 hrs of priming, otherwise repriming will be necessary
  • Weber seal PS 1000 GG/PG is designed to be applied using a sealant gun, but can be applied by trowel if required

For more information please refer to the technical data sheet of the product

Features and benefits

  • Sealing horizontal and vertical joints where high movements is expected
  • Tough&resilient seal
  • Outstanding resistance to ageing 
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Chemical resistant
  • Resistant to UV light


  • Mix and use one complete unit at a time - do not part mix
  • Mixing and application equipment should be cleaned immediately with tool cleaner, using rubber gloves to avoid direct contact with skin.

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