Waterproofing of planted areas

Common issues and queries you can face

Whether to grow plants on containers, raised beds or on the roof itself, waterproofing system is a must and should be the first step of terrace garden as it protects the roof from leaking and should cover up the entire surface of the roof. 

Waterproofing of planted area includes 3 layers: Waterproofing layers/Drainage layers/Planting layers

Step by step solution

weber solution

As mentioned previously, and before applying any waterproofing system, the substrate should be clean and repaired.

  1. When applying the Waterproofing layers

    Applying weberdry prime WB as a bituminous primer and torching a consecutive double layer of Biflex PL antiroot bituminous membrane. 

  2. When applying the Drainage

    Geotextile white PET to protect the waterproofing membrane used, and gravel followed by a second layer of   Geotextile white PET for drainage

  3. When applying the finshing layers

    Soil and vegetation to be planted