Waterproofing of façades

Common issues and queries you can face

Waterproofing of façades includes two types:

Natural stone façades 

Plastered façades

Step by step solution

weber solution

  1. Natural stone façades

    Two waterproofing points to be treated:

    a-Joints between stones should be removed and replaced using weberjoint perfect or webercal stone and all joints surrounding windows and doors should be filled with weber jointseal PU or weber jointseal PU-MC 

    b-Application of weberdry 132 WB or weberdry protect on the stone after washing the area with a water jet to remove all dust, laitance or any foreign materials.

  2. Plastered facades

    Prime the substrate using weberpas PR 339 at least one day before application of weberpas deco 340 as a highly elastic acrylic waterproofing coating with an exceptional resistance to extreme weather conditions.