weberdry 132 WB

Product formerly named: formerly Waterproof.132 WB


Water based surface water repellent weberdry 132 WB is a ready-to-use surface waterproofer made of siliconate, intended to leave a colorless, hydrophobic coat on inorganic construction materials. Once applied, weberdry 132 WB is absorbed by capillary action and is turned into a hydrophobic siloxane by reacting with carbonic gas.


Surface of application


Available packaging

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5 L 5 L 5 L 5 L - 5 L - -
20 L 20 L 25 L 20 L 20 L 20 L 20 L 20 L
- - - 200 L 200 L 200 L - 200 L

Documentation and brochures

To know before applying

  • The surface to be treated must be sound, free from powder residues and dust, and cracks must be repaired. 
  • Concrete and cement based plasters must be aged at least 28 days before weberdry 132 WB application.

For more information please refer to the technical data sheet of the product

Features and benefits

  • Easy to apply
  • Stainless surface waterproofing
  • colorless


  • Avoid contact with aluminium, wood or other light metal as weberdry 132 WB is alkalis
  • I t is strongly recommended to carry out a sample trial on site prior to application on decorative substrates (tiles, colored plasters, stones…)
  • For over painting with water emulsion paints, compatibility tests should be   conducted

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