webertherm glue



Adhesive of increased adhesion for fixing foamed polystyrene board for ETICS webertherm glue is a pre-mixed dry blend of cement, fillers, polymer, and additives. It is mainly used as adhesive to fix rigid insulation to a variety of surfaces: masonry, brick, conrete , gypsum and cement board. It is resistant to mechanical stress and has an outstanding bonding effect and is water resistant.


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To know before applying

  • Surface must be clean and free from greasy matters or dust
  • Apply the webertherm glue mixture on the back side of the insulation board (EPS).
  • Apply the adhesive on the inside of the board using the “strip-point” method. It consists of preparation of continuous circumferential block (at least 3 cm wide) at the edge of the board and even distribution of 6 to 8 patches of 8 to 12 cm in diameter on the whole surface.
  • Immediately after application of the mortar on the board, fix the board to the substrate by firm pressing and level it.

For more information please refer to the technical data sheet of the product

Features and benefits

  • Polymer modified for high bond strenght.
  • Factory batched for consistency
  • Long shelf life


  • On even and smooth substrates, the mortar can be evenly distributed using a notched float on the whole board surface to ensure 2 to 5 mm layer thickness. 
  • Place immediately the insulation board on the substrate, ensuring that no webertherm glue mixture gets into board joints.
  • Do not allow the webertherm glue mixture to form a skin before positioning the insulation board on the substrate as it will affect the bond strength.
  • Joints between adjacent insulation boards should be reduced to the minimum.

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