weberpas deco SIL

Product formerly named: formerly Weber.pas deco - weber.pas Silikat
Weber Middle East

A ready-to-use high performance organo mineral based wet render

weberpas deco SIL is a ready-to-use high performance organo-mineral-based wet render made of kali waterglass, dispersion for stabilization, marble sands, high performance pigments UV stable and additives. weberpas deco SIL is used for internal and external walls as a decorative render over a plastered substrate e.g. grey renders; can also be used as the finishing coat for webertherm MW & webertherm OM ETICS systems.

For neutralisation of the substrate apply weberpas PR SIL 1 day before application of weberpas deco SIL Joints should be predetermined and can be constructed by carefully butt joining the edges to achieve a seamless joint.Raised or recessed joints must be completely coated Application must be continuous; use the same tools and in one direction only Protect weberpas PR SIL from direct sun and rain during application and the drying period for minimum 2 days When using on ETICS system ,the HPV factor should not be under 25
It is available in 16 standard colors.

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