weberjoint perfect


High performance, Low Stain, cementitious tile grout with Hydro Repel and Mould Stop technologies

weberjoint perfect is a high performance cement-based pre-mixed non-shrink tile grout, used for filling tile joints in wet and dry areas.

weberjoint perfect is easy to apply and can be cleaned easily and is available in a wide range of attractive colors (consult our Tile grouts color chart). Specific attributes:

  • High stain resistance (even coffee, wine, ketchup, etc...)
  • Anti fungus with MOULD STOP Technology
  • Highly water resistant with HYDRO REPELL technology
  • Anti cracks (joints between 1.5 and 20 mm width)
  • High abrasion resistance

Surface of application

Wall, Floor

Available packaging

Lebanon Syria Jordan KSA UAE Qatar Kuwait Oman
5 kg 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg

Documentation and brochures

To know before applying

  • Application tools: drill mixer machine, sponge, rubber trowel
  • Ambient temperature between 5 and 35deg C
  • Setting time: 45 mins
  • time before pedestrian traffic: 3hours approx

For more information please refer to the technical data sheet of the product

Features and benefits

  • High stain resistance
  • Anti-cracks joints up to 20 mm
  • Anti-fungus
  • Water-repellent


  • Not applicable on wet joints
  • Not applicable for areas exposed to chemicals