Biplon PL 4 & 5 mm

Weber Middle East

APP modified bituminous membrane with double reinforcements

Biplon PL 4&5 mm is an APP modified waterproofing membrane with double reinforcements. It is a high performance bridge-deck waterproofing membrane reinforced with a core of non-woven polyester combined with a fiberglass mat. The non woven polyester used in Biplon.PL has excellent puncture resistance and the fiberglass mat situated below the top surface of the membrane helps maintain shape stability. The excellent mechanical properties of Biplon.PL make it comprehensively versatile.

Surface of application

Floor, Wall, Roof

1x 10 m1x 10 m1x 10 m1x 10 m1x 10 m1x 10 m1x 10 m1x 10 m