weberdry 136 FX

Weber Middle East

Flexible cement based latex waterproofing coating

weberdry 136 FX is a two-component cement latex modified elastomeric waterproofing coating used as a waterproof lining over masonry and concrete. weberdry 136 FX is composed of a cement mortar with additives, and of a liquid component. Mixed together on site, the product is easy to apply and is used as an effective protection coating on walls against: water-borne salts (chlorides, sulfates), wear, weather and chemicals, atmospheric gases and carbonation, from rusting of steel reinforcements. It is a non shrink , non-flammable mortar . weberdry 136 FX is available in white and grey colors. For other colors, contact Company's Technical Department.

Surface of application

Floor, Wall

22.5 kg22.5 kg22.5 kg