weberfloor VB

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epoxy vapor barrier

Weberfloor VB is a two-component high performance epoxy primer used as a vapor barrier for Weber floor thin leveling,fine smoothing, prior to floor coverings application (vinyl, pvc parquet and carpet), thick leveling compounds. This product is specially designed for substrates having a moisture
content up to maximum 5 % CM (measured with Carbide method). Due to its very low VOC content, Weberfloor VB can be used for health care buildings, hospitality, residential apartments, commercial areas and for sensitive indoor areas, such as education and recreation rooms

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To know before applying

First mix the component A with a low-speed electric drill (max. 400 rpm) and empty it totally into the component B.
Afterwards mix both components with an electric drill and the pre-said stirrer for approx. 2 minutes, at least until a homogenous mixture of uniform color is achieved (Care must be taken to ensure that the product is thoroughly mixed also in the corners and the bottom of the mixing container.)

Apply immediately the material after mixing and Avoid mixing of partial quantities.

For more information please refer to the technical data sheet of the product

Features and benefits

High barrier against moisture.
Very low volatile organic content (VOC ).
Good penetration into absorbent substrates.
Very good chemical resistance.
Suitable for floor heating system as an intermediate coat between the Screed and self-leveling.
Very good workability.
High resistance to alkalinity.
High adhesion strength

consolidates absorbent mineral substrates



Do not apply this product if the substrate moisture content is greater than 5 % CM.

Do not allow the epoxy primer to harden on equipment.Clean tools and equipment with solvents such as Xylene.

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