webercol premium F New Product

Weber Middle East

Two components high performance rapid setting highly flexible tile adhesive (Latex modified)

webercol premium F is a two-component cement-based polymer modified, flexible, rapid setting, waterproof... tile adhesive for internal & external use. 

webercol premium F is a rapid setting tile adhesive that maintains superior workability and bonding strength especially formulated for use with thin and large format tiles. 

webercol premium F exceeds standard requirements EN12004 and is classified as C2TES1. 

webercol premium F is S1 deformable according to standard EN 12002 with ability to perform in extended open time conditions "E".The particular flexibility of webercol premium F along with a high mortar transformation capability will insure durable bonding in internal and external environments with a wide range of tiles and where exposure to thermal and dimensional variations are expected.
20 kg + 4.8 L

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