weberfloor 4716

Weber Middle East

High performance acrylic flooring primer

weberfloor 4716 is a primer styrene acrylate dispersion which can be diluted with water and is intended for use prior to the application of screed and self leveling compounds (e.g. weberfloor 535 FD, weberfloor easy 625, weberfloor 514 SL, weberfloor 630 TSC, weberfloor smooth FD, weberfloor 515 PSC, etc...). It is used as a pore sealer on floor surfaces to prevent air bubbles rising through subsequently applied sub-floor smoothing and leveling compounds and to prolong their flow life and workability. It creates a permanent bond between the concrete substrate and cement-based overlays

Surface of application

External floor, Floor

20 lt, 5 lt20 lt, 5 lt20 lt, 5 lt20 lt, 5 lt20 lt20 lt, 5 lt

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