webercol bond

formerly Carrocolle Bond


Two-components latex-modified mortar glue for tiles A two component high quality latex-modified mortar glue for fixing tiles. It is made of cement, siliceous fillers, and additives, and is water resistant.


Surface of application

Wall, Floor

Available packaging

Lebanon Syria Jordan KSA UAE Qatar Kuwait Oman
- - - 25+1 kg 25+1 kg 25+1 kg 25+1 kg 25+1 kg

Documentation and brochures

To know before applying

  • Water ratio as per the product data sheet
  • Back buttering for large tiles
  • Primer is recommended for difficult and high absorption substrates

For more information please refer to the technical data sheet of the product

Features and benefits

  • High performance adhesive
  • Powder + latex
  • Internal and external use
  • Water resistant


  • Not suitable for external wall application
  • Not suitable for low porosity tiles
  • Not recommended for wood

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