weberfloor epobat

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Solvent free heavy duty epoxy floor coating

weberfloor epobat is a two-component solvent-free epoxy flooring coating. It is a high performance self-smoothing product, easy to apply, leaving a durable seamless surface, specially formulated as heavy duty concrete coating for floor.The product consists of pre-weighed colored resin and hardener components. weberfloor epobat provides a hard wearing and abrasion resistant floor finish for basement, warehouses, industrial factories, ground floor car parks, traffic decks with no structural movement... Along a high resistance to chemicals and salts. It can also be used as a rust preventive coating for concrete and steel tanks and other surfaces subjected to chemical attacks and corrosion.

Surface of application



12 kg, 5.4 kg24 kg, 12 kg, 5.4 kg24 kg, 12 kg, 5.4 kg24 kg, 12 kg, 5.4 kg12 kg, 3.4 kg12 kg, 5.4 kg

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