weberfloor 220 PU

Weber Middle East

Two component polyurethane coating

weberfloor 220 PU is a two component, aliphatic iso-cyanate cured high build polyurethane finish with excellent resistance to UV and atmospheric exposure. The fully cured coating has excellent resistance to splash of mineral and vegetable oils, white spirit, paraffins and aliphatic petroleum products. weberfloor 220 PU has good adhesion on various surfaces: cementitious, metal, wooden etc. weberfloor 220 PU has an excellent water and chemical resistance suitable for interior and exterior applications, excellent color retention and non-chalking properties, and very good abrasion resistance.

Surface of application


20 lt, 4 lt20 lt, 4 lt20 lt, 4 lt20 lt, 4lt20 lt, 4 lt20 lt, 4 lt

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